One of our most highly rated packages.  From high end car dealers wanting their cars to look the best they can, to the customer who just loves to have an immaculate car this is the package for you.

This package includes-

  • Full jet down removing any loose debris

  • Pre wash and snow foam

  • 2 bucket safe wash with PH neutral shampoo

  • Iron and fallout removed

  • Tar removed 

  • Wheels cleaned 

  • Vehicle towel dried 

  • Full Interior hoovered and debris removed

  • Full Interior thoroughly steam cleaned

  • Seats and carpets shampoo'd

  • Glass cleaned

  • Door shuts and doors cleaned

  • Body waxed in high glossing long lasting wax

  • Tyres dressed

Leaving your car feeling as clean or cleaner than the day you got it

Small car- £125

Medium car- £140

large car- £155

Estate or SUV - £170


If you're someone who wants a professional touch to look after your freshly ceramic coated car feel free to use us for your coating maintenance.

This package includes Ceramic coating decontamination and topping if needed.

We use ceramic coating specific shampoos and toppers to make sure you get the best out of your coating.

Small car- £40

Medium car- £50

Large car- £60

XL or SUV- £70

(This is exterior decontamination only. Interior can be added on separately)

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