Machine polishing for your car gives you some of the best results available during a detailing service, helping to bring your car back to its pristine best. At Kaizen Detailing, we’re here to help you go the extra mile when it comes to exceptional results and an all-round service, so be sure to get in touch with the team to find out more about how we can help you.

For machine polishing in Inverurie delivered by a team who care about cars, make sure to keep Kaizen Detailing at the forefront of your mind. We can’t wait to start working with you, no matter how big or small the job – we love to bring cars to an unprecedented level, and we’ll give you an unrivalled car machine polish service.


At Kaizen Detailing we hold all our detailing and machine polishing packages to the highest of standard and we make sure every package comes with all of below as standard.

A Pre wash and snow foam

Iron and fallout remover, wheels and body

Bugs and grime removed 

A full thorough 2 bucket safe wash and decontamination 

Tar removed

Wheels cleaned

Towel and blow dried

Interior meticulously hoovered out and steam cleaned 

Seats and carpets shampoo'd

Windows cleaned 

Engine bay dressed 

Tires dressed

If Ceramic coating isnt added on a high end high glossing wax will be applied






This package is most commonly purchased by clients who have just bought a new car that has the odd prep mark in it or hologram that needs corrected before being protected for its life on the road ahead.

Or by someone looking to bring a great shine back through to the car or someone looking to sell their car and get the best price for it.

(Be careful if your planing to sell it afterwards... You may want to keep it again after weve done this!)

Small Cars £350

Medium Cars £375

Large Cars £400

XL or SUV £450

*Note large and XL cars may take longer than 1 day

For ceramic coating add on's check out the Ceramic Coatings page


In this package after decontamination we usually use a cutting compound to cut back the paint removing and reducing the defects then follow up with a refining polishing to bring the paint to a high gloss finish

In this package you can expect to see between 70-80% correction/reduction rate of swirls and defects. This is the perfect package for someone whos just got a new car or wants to bring their current car back to life that is lacking a bit of luster.

For Ceramic Coating please see coating section.

Small Cars £450

Medium Cars £500

Large Cars £550

XL or SUV £600

*Around 2.5 day book

50-50 1.jpg


This is by far our most popular package and has been highly rated by all clients who have booked it

With this package we aim for as close to show room as possible or better!

For this after we've decontaminated the car thoroughly we get out a heavy cutting compound and through multiple cuts if needed we cut back moderate to large defects in the paint. After this we follow up with a refining polish to refine up the gloss, but to even further the gloss we use a jewling (or ultra fine polish) to leave it with that ultimate wet look.

With this package you can expect to see a 85-90%+ correction/reduction in defects leaving your car in better condition than most show room cars.

(We've even had tears of joy with this package upon collection!)

Small Cars £575

Medium Cars £635

Large Cars £695

XL or SUV £755

*Around 4 day booking

*For ceramic coating add ons check out the Ceramic Coatings page


The Pièce de résistance, 

This is for the perfectionist, the show car or the stored appreciating classic.

This starts the same as the major correction but when we hit the machine polishing things start to become a bit different. With this package we correct everything we possibly can within the range of the paint  using paint depth readings. Be it wet sanding or polishing needed we will do it if the vehicle has enough paint on it to correct the defect. With this package expect to see a minimum of 90% correction.

This will leave your car looking the best it possibly can.

After doing all this we move on to ceramic coating every part we can on your vehicle with a combination of Anglewax legacy and Genesis or Nebula meaning it'll be protected for the next 5 years.


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